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Sports jobs include various types of professions, including coaches, players, trainers, and announcers. These jobs revolve around the sporting world and include sports such as basketball, football, and baseball on a collegiate, local, or professional level. Getting a job in sports can be difficult, since these jobs often require extensive training and education in a specialized field.

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Education Varies, including high school, bachelor's degree, or specialized training
Starting pay $19,500[1]
Median pay range $22,840 - $43,740[2][3]
10 yr growth Faster than average[3]
Related professions Athletic Trainer, Fitness Instructor
Author Selena Robinson

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Sports Jobs Overview

Sports jobs include several professions at varying levels of competition, such as:

  • Athletes - These individuals play sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, football, volleyball, and golf, among others. Athletes can be among the highest-paid individuals in sports jobs, since they perform the most important function in the game.
  • Coaches - Coaches and assistant coaches are responsible for helping athletes reach their full potential by teaching them how to improve their athletic skills and how to play in a system that helps the team win games. Coaches may also be highly paid, but may face pressure to produce a winning record in a short period of time.
  • Trainers - Athletic trainers are highly skilled in physical education and work to help athletes recover from fatigue or injury. These specialists often work in locker rooms and training facilities.
  • Agents - Sports agents are also highly paid. These individuals are responsible for helping athletes maximize their earnings by negotiating contract terms, arranging for marketing opportunities, and securing endorsements.

Sports Jobs Education

The type of education required for a sports job depends greatly on the type of job and the level of play. For example, a local sports coach may only need to have a high school diploma, while a professional coach may need a bachelor's degree or higher to be hired. Coaches also benefit from prior sport experience as a player or an assistant coach.

Athletes often do not need to have a high level of education and some highly-paid professional athletes have achieved success with only a high school diploma. Despite the lack of a serious education requirement, many professional athletes do complete a college degree in the major of their choosing.

Sports agents need to receive specialized education in sports management, typically receiving at least a bachelor's degree in this field. Courses involved in this major include Economics of Sport, Sport Media, and Fundamentals of Sports Marketing.[4]

Sports Jobs Training

Athletes undergo extensive training in order to develop their skills. Some players begin training in elementary school and continue throughout high school and college before turning professional. Training may be offered as part of a school's athletic program or by private lessons.[5]

Coaches often begin as assistant coaches and receive valuable on-the-job training that relates to working with players, drawing up plays, and recruiting.[6]


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