How To Become a Baltimore Orioles Ball Girl

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A Baltimore Orioles Ball Girl is the professional baseball team's brand ambassador. A ball girl must be at least 18 years old, athletic and very outgoing, so that she can easily interact with the Orioles fans at Camden Yards, where the Orioles play their home games.[1] A Baltimore Orioles Ball Girl must love outdoor jobs, since she is often on the playing field for long periods of time in all types of weather. She must also have knowledge of Major League Baseball rules.[2] Ball girl try-outs are usually held once a year during spring training.


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Education High school [2]
Starting pay $8 per hour[2]
Median pay $8 per hour
10 yr growth Average
Related professions Cheerleader, Fitness Trainer, Athletic Trainer

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Baltimore Orioles Ball Girl Overview

A Baltimore Orioles ball girl participates in all pre-game ceremonies as well as some pre-game and post-game ballpark events. During the game, the Orioles ball girl is expected to field foul ground balls cleanly, and engage the crowd with spirited cheers, conversation, and other promotional activities. A Baltimore Orioles ball girl also needs to have a flexible schedule so that she can work nights, weekends, or weekdays when necessary.[2]

Baltimore Orioles Ball Girl Education

During their education, ball girls get practice fielding foul balls, interacting with professional ball players, engaging crowds (usually during spring training) and obtaining working knowledge of the slang terms used by those around the game of professional baseball. Major League Baseball rules are also reviewed and reinforced to make sure the ball girls understand the calls made on the field by the umpires.

Most of the real education takes place during actual play when Baltimore Orioles ball girls and ball girls on other teams are taught the ropes through a process of trial and error. [3]

Baltimore Orioles Ball Girl Training

Rookie ball girls generally go through about four training games. In the first game, they sit and observe a veteran. In the second game, they go in at the top of the 8th. In the third game, they go in at the top of the 5th, and in the fourth game, they go in at the top of the 2nd.[3] As it is with the professional ballplayers, generally veteran ball girls generally become mentors to their less experienced co-workers.

An Orioles Ball Girl in Action

A Baltimore Orioles ball girl bare hands a ball.

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