How To Become a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader

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An individual who wants to become a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader must pass the squad's annual audition process. The Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders perform dances and cheers for the Baltimore Ravens NFL football team at their home games. Since these games are played at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland, the cheerleaders often have to perform in cold weather during the football season. Unlike some other NFL cheerleaders, Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders receive a salary of $100 per home game.[1]


Flickr: Keith Allison
Education High school diploma or GED[1]
Starting pay $100 per home game[1]
Median pay $100 per home game[1]
10 yr growth N/A
Related professions Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Arizona Cardinals cheerleader
Author Selena Robinson

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Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Job Overview

Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders may appear on one of three squads: the dance team, the stunt squad, and the Playmakers. The dance team performs the normal home game performances and choreography, while the stunt squad performs gymnastic tumbles and routines. The stunt squad includes both male and female cheerleaders.[1] The Playmakers are a non-performing group of cheerleaders who routinely appear at local businesses and establishments to promote the football team.[2]

While the primary job of a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader is to perform cheers, gymnastic routines, and dances, they also make promotional media events. Many of these appearances are held during NFL Kickoff Week and occur at locations around the Baltimore area.[1] The female cheerleaders also appear in a yearly swimsuit calendar.[3]

To keep their on-the-field jobs, Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders spend a lot of time maintaining a rigorous physical fitness routine and a lean diet. There are no height or weight restrictions, but cheerleaders are expected to maintain excellent physical condition and be able to run up to three miles.[1] Some cheerleaders have remarked that the squad monitors weight regularly and may restrict opportunities for those who gain weight.[4]

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Education

The Baltimore Ravens organization requires that all cheerleaders who make the squad have at least a high school diploma or GED. There is no requirement for cheerleaders to attend college or get a college degree, but many cheerleaders on the squad are college students. Along with the educational requirement, Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders must be a minimum age of 18 years old by July 1 of the year in which they audition. There is no maximum age limit to audition. The squad also stiplulates that all members of the squad have an external way of supporting themselves, including attending college, working a job, or living with family members.[1]

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Training

Individuals who want to become Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders must pass the squad's extensive audition process. Annually, hundreds of individuals apply, but only 50 to 60 are chosen for the roster.[5] There are five audition rounds and two prep classes held each year. The prep classes are not required, but do provide instruction on the team's dance technique and choreography in advance of the auditions. Those who make it onto the roster are required to attend twice-weekly rehearsals from April through January of each year.[1]

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Performance

The squad performs a routine to the song "Are You Gonna Go My Way".

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