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A cheerleader who wants to become a Miami Dolphins cheerleader must pass the squad audition process and learn the group's unique choreography. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders have been a part of the Miami Dolphins NFL football organization since 1966, when they were called the Dolphin Dolls. Over the years, the squad also went by the name the Dolphin Starbrites and at one point consisted of more than 300 cheerleaders. Today, the Miami Dolphins cheerleader squad has a yearly roster of around 32 cheerleaders.

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Education High school diploma
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10 yr growth N/A
Related professions Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, Baltimore Ravens cheerleader
Author Selena Robinson

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Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Job Overview

The job of a Miami Dolphins cheerleader is to promote the Miami Dolphins football team. Dolphins cheerleaders do this by cheering for the team during home football games, appearing at local businesses for promotional events, and making appearances during team meetings and press conferences. Occasionally, the cheerleaders may also appear at fan or charity events in the greater Miami area. Every year, the squad poses for a swimsuit calendar.[1]

Since the Dolphins cheerleaders are required to maintain a certain physical "look", they must also have regular tanning sessions, beauty appointments, and hair salon visits. Dolphins cheerleaders are also required to maintain an athletic body type through the use of regular exercise and a lean diet.[2]

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Education

In order to be eligible for the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age. They must also have completed a high school education and received a diploma. Both requirements must be met by June 1 of the year in which the applicant auditions. A major part of the job of being a Miami Dolphin cheerleader is performing the squad's signature dance routines. To improve their chances of being selected, interested individuals may decide to take some form of dance training.[3]

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Training

Before the auditions begin, aspiring cheerleaders can take a preparation class to learn the basic choreography performed by the squad. Those who choose not to take the class can receive an accelerated course in squad choreography on the morning of the audition. After the semi-final round, the squad judges chooses a group of finalists who receive personal interviews and additional training at finalist clinics. Those who are selected on the final day of auditions join the final roster.[3]

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Tryouts

Footage from the 2012 squad auditions

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