How To Become a Substitute Teacher in Utah

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Becoming a substitute teacher in Utah involves receiving at least a high school education. However, some school districts may require that substitute educators obtain a higher education and/or obtain a Utah state teaching license. The job demand for elementary school educators, including substitute teachers who work with these grades, is expected to increase by 17 percent over the next decade.[1]

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Education High school diploma or higher
Starting pay $82 per day[2]
Median pay $95 per day[3]
10 yr growth Average: 17%[1]
Related professions Substitute teacher, teacher
Author Selena Robinson

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Utah Substitute Teacher Job Overview

A substitute teacher in Utah is often asked to serve as a replacement when the permanent classroom teacher is absent. Typical substitute teacher responsibilities include assigning homework, grading papers, teaching daily lessons, meeting with parents and administrators, filing student grades, and writing lesson plans. Depending on the grade and subject being taught, substitute teachers in Utah may have to work with specific groups of students, such as kindergarteners, ESL learners, or students with special needs.

Utah Substitute Teacher Pay

The pay rate for substitute teachers in Utah fluctuates, depending on the specific school district and the educator's experience. For example, the Jordan School District pays its regular substitutes a daily rate of $82 per day, while those who have a teaching license receive $90 per day.[2] The Salt Lake City school district pays licensed substitutes $95 per day and retired educators $110 per day.[3]

Utah Substitute Teacher Education

Utah school districts have varying education requirements for substitute teachers. As a result, applicants must check with the specific school district with which they plan to work before applying. The Alpine School District requires that substitute teachers have at least a high school diploma.[4] Salt Lake City Schools, however, requires that all substitutes obtain at least a bachelor's degree.[3] The Jordan School District requires that substitute teachers complete at least 60 hours of college credit.[2]

Utah Substitute Teacher Training

Most Utah substitute teachers complete some kind of teacher training before they begin working. For example, the Alpine School District only hires substitute teachers who have already gained experience in education and who have completed a mandatory teacher training course.[4] In Salt Lake City, substitutes are not required to complete a teacher training program. However, those who do so and pursue a teaching certificate are eligible for a higher pay rate.[3]

Technology Tips for Substitute Teachers

How substitute teachers can use technology in the classroom

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