How To Become a Substitute Teacher in Wyoming

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To become a substitute teacher in Wyoming, an individual must complete a certain amount of education and/or meet requirements relating to his or her experience as a teacher. Education is one of the most consistent job industries in the United States. Over the next decade, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that the number of open positions for elementary grade teachers will increase by over 281,000. This job demand may create even more opportunities for substitute teachers.[1]

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Education High school diploma or higher[2]
Starting pay $75 per day[3]
Median pay $100 per day[3]
10 yr growth Average: 17%[1]
Related professions Substitute teacher, teacher
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Wyoming Substitute Teacher Job Overview

Substitute teachers in Wyoming are assigned to fill in for permanent educators who are absent from work. Some may serve on a daily basis, while others may accept long-term assignments that can last a month or more. When they are given an assignment, Wyoming substitute teachers are expected to perform most of the responsibilities of the regular teacher such as continuing with the previous lesson plan, issuing homework, administering tests, and tutoring students who need additional help.[4]

Wyoming Substitute Teacher Pay

Substitute teacher pay in Wyoming varies in different school districts. For example, in the Fremont County school district, substitute teachers are paid according to a graduated pay scale based on the length of their assignment. Certified substitutes receive a daily pay rate of $92 per day, while those who accept a long-term substitute assignment of six days or more receive at least $97 per day.[5] The Caledonia school system, though, begins its substitute teachers at a base pay rate of $75 per day. Long-term substitutes in the system earn $100 per day.[3]

Wyoming Substitute Teacher Education

Substitute teacher education requirements in Wyoming can vary greatly. The Laramie County Board of Education only accepts substitute teachers who have completed at least 65 hours of college credit at an accredited institution.[6] The Natrona County School District requires the same amount of education for its substitutes, but the school system also requires that substitutes obtain a Wyoming teaching license.[7] According to the state's Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB), applicants who want to pursue a substitute teaching certificate must either complete at least 65 hours of college coursework and/or accrue a certain amount of classroom experience, including supervised practicum.[2]

Wyoming Substitute Teacher Training

Some of the school districts in Wyoming hold mandatory training or orientation sessions for substitute teachers. Those who wish to work in these school systems must complete this training before they can begin working. For example, the Natrona County school system requires that all certified substitute teachers complete the substitute teaching course offered by STEDI.[8] The Kent County school system holds an ongoing orientation series for new substitutes throughout the year. Applicants must attend an orientation class before they apply for a job.[9]

Getting Started as a Substitute Teacher

The process of becoming a substitute teacher

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