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A barber mainly works with male clients, cutting, shampooing, trimming, shaving, and styling their hair and beards.[1] Barbers are usualy creative and possess both stamina and strong customer service skills. They also need solid listening skills, which helps them in their interaction with customers. Barbers do not need a college degree, but are expected to complete a training program at a state licensed school.[2] As of 2010, there were 712,200 barbers in the U.S., earning an average of $23,816 per year.[3]


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Education High school diploma or higher[4]
Starting pay $22,500[5]
Median pay $23,816[3]
10 yr growth Average[3]
Related professions Pedicurist, manicurist, hairdresser[6]
Author Allison Hughes

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Barber Job Overview

Barbers may work in their own barbershops or in hotels, resorts, spas, or salons. As part of the state license, barbers are cleared to bleach, color, and highlight hair. Other duties include:[7]

  • Cutting and trimming hair
  • Discussing and designing hair styles with clients
  • Taking payments from customers
  • Inspecting a customer's hair and recommending select treatments

Barber Education

In order to become a barber, applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, as well as finish a program at a state-licensed cosmetology or barber school. These programs typically last nine months and include courses in hairstyling. Barbers who plan on opening their own barber shops may opt to take sales and marketing classes as well.[2]

Barber Training

Barbers receive training in the form of a state-licensed barber school. In addition to some academic work, most of the education provided from the program involves hands-on experience under professionals. Students may receive experience in learning about the latest industry trends, as well as spend time learning new hair styles.[2]

Barber License and Exam

All states require barbers to have a license. Although each state is different, most require applicants to have their high school diploma, have graduated from a state cosmetology or barber school, and to be at least 16. Applicants will also have to take and pass a state licensing exam, usually following their training at a barber school. The exams include both written and practical sections.[2] The state of West Virginia also requires future barbers to get a tuberculosis, or TB test, in order to receive their license. Barbers in West Virginia must also have at least 1,200 hours of professional experience to receive their licenses.[8]

Becoming a Barber

Tour of the Tramy Beauty and Barber School

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