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To become a booking agent, or an artist booker, a person needs to acquire experience in the music industry.[1] A booking agent is hired to procure concerts, engagements (gigs), or live performances for recording artists.

Booking agents are responsible for contract negotiations, dates, and fees whether these are arranged firsthand with the artist or with his or her representatives. The projected ten-year growth for this profession ranges from 10%-19%.[2]

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Education None to Bachelor's degree[2]
Starting pay $20,000-$1,000,000+[3]
Median pay $510,000[3]
10 yr growth Average[2]
Related professions Business Manager, Concert Promoter, Entertainment Attorney
Author Jay Robinson

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Booking Agent Job Overview

Booking agents invest considerable hours searching for gigs, scheduling performance times, and negotiating the artists' earnings with various clients. The job of a booking agent is to ensure transportation, reserve hotels, and secure concert equipment.

The ability to correspond in a professional manner and to establish resourceful industry contacts are indispensable traits for a booking agent. In order to maximize an artist's potential, a booking agent conducts interviews and auditions to try to procure performances and press for the artist.[4] Several traits that help booking agents have success in their careers are the art of persuasion, social perceptiveness, skillful time management, clear communication skills, and the ability to think rationally under pressure.[2]

Booking Agent Education

The level of education required for this a booking agent ranges from industry experience to acquiring a Bachelor's degree.[2] Courses in music business and business administration can provide valuable preparation in the initial phase of an agent's career. [5] Pursuing a degree in sales and marketing can be helpful in the promotional and the negotiating aspects of the music business.[6]

Booking Agent Training

Training programs furnished by reputable agencies may allow time for interns to gain valuable knowledge of the business and develop a contact list prior to opening their own agencies.[7] Booking agent applicants who qualify for creative apprenticeships may be able to market themselves as potential assets to established agencies after they complete their program.[8] Creative apprentices develop an extensive skill set by assisting in advertising of live events, working as event promotion support staff members, supplying input to the preparation of contracts, and researching the suitability of a venue.[9]

How to Become a Booking Agent

What a Booking Agent Does

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