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To become a cashier, a person does not have to meet many education requirements. A cashier's main job is to accept money from the customer for items or services that were purchased. Cashiers spend a majority of their time with the customer and need to be patient listeners with excellent customerservice skills in order to perform their job at an acceptable level.[1] Most cashiers work indoors in establishments such as grocery stores, department stores, and gas stations.[2]


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Education None[3]
Starting pay $7.25 per hour[3]
Median pay $8.89 per hour[3]
10 yr growth Slower than average: 7%[3]
Related professions Customer Service Representatives and Retail Sales Workers[4]
Author Stacy Hensley

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Cashier Job Overview

A cashier's primary job is to scan items and work the cash register. They may also be required to perform other duties that can include wrapping and bagging purchases, stocking, pricing merchandise, counting the money in their registers at the beginning and end of their shifts, and even performing custodial duties.

Cashiers are also heavily involved in providing customer service. This part of their job may include greeting customers, handling returns and exchanges, answering questions, and assisting customers who are interested in signing up for store rewards programs or store credit cards.[5]

Cashier Pay Rate

Cashiers are generally hired as entry-level employees. As a result, the average cashier pay rate is close to the federal minimum hourly wage. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, entry-level pay for cashiers is about $7.89 per hour. However, some cashiers may earn as much as $13.90 per hour. While many cashiers work on a part-time basis, they may be asked to work additional hours during busy periods of the year, such as around the holidays.[6]

Cashier Education

There are no specific educational requirements to become a cashier. However, cashiers do need to have some basic math knowledge because they will be required to give change and count money. Some establishments may prefer hiring people with a high school diploma. A high school diploma may also be required in order to advance within the company.[1]

Cashier Training

Cashiers are not typically required to have any formal training before being hired. The employer will provide on-the-job training in order to sufficiently train the new cashier.[7] This training will include teaching the policies and procedures of the store as well as how to operate equipment such as the cash registers.[1]

Employee Training Video for Becoming a Cashier

Landis Supermarket provides a basic training video to assist the cashiers in learning their duties.

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