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To become a contestant on America's Next Top Model, an individual must apply for the show and pass a rigorous audition process. On America's Next Top Model, male and female models compete in a series of photoshoots and challenges for a grand prize. Judges on the program include show creator Tyra Banks, media professional Kelly Cutrone, and supermodel Rob Evans.[1]

The person who is named America's Next Top Model receives a $100,000 modeling contract and a photo spread in a national magazine.[2] In 2013, contestant Jourdan Miller was chosen as America's Next Top Model cycle 20 winner.[3]


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Education No formal education required
Starting pay N/A
Median pay N/A
10 yr growth N/A
Related professions Supermodel, plus size model
Author Selena Robinson

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America's Next Top Model Contestant Job Overview

Contestants who are selected for the show must be willing to live in a home with the other contestants for six weeks. They must also be willing to appear on camera for the duration of the program. America's Next Top Model contestants must also submit to a complete medical examination, including a physical and mental checkup.[4] On the show, contestants particpate in model challenges such as avant-garde photoshoots, runway walks, and beauty makeovers. In 2013, America's Next Top Model began including male models for the first time.[5]

America's Next Top Model Audition Process

Along with its online application process, America's Next Top Model conducts in-person casting calls in select U.S. cities each cycle. Casting calls for America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 are scheduled in cities such as Sacramento, CA, Montgomery, AL, and Pittsburgh, PA. The official casting call is held in Los Angeles, CA every cycle.[6] A total of 16 contestants are ultimately chosen to live in the contestant house and compete during the show's run. Every week, one contestant is eliminated until the winner is chosen during the season finale.[7]

America's Next Top Model Contestant Education

Becoming a contestant on America's Next Top Model does not require any formal education. There is no requirement for applicants to complete a high school diploma in order to appear on the show. However, the show does have an age consideration. All contestants on the show must be at least 18 years of age and no older than 27 years of age. Female models must be at least 5 feet 6 inches tall and male models must be at least 5 feet 10 inches tall. In addition, all contestants must be legal citizens of the United States.[4]

America's Next Top Model Contestant Training

According to the America's Next Top Model application, the show's producers prefer not to use individuals who have prior modeling experience. Those who are currently represented by a professional modeling agency may be asked to terminate their connection with the company in order to participate in the program.[4] During the show, contestants receive extensive modeling training from professional posers, models, and photographers.[7]

America's Next Top Model Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of an America's Next Top Model shoot in Bali

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