How to Become a Contestant on Big Brother

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The television show Big Brother airs on the CBS television network every summer. To become a contestant on Big Brother, a person must complete the show's in-person or online audition process and pass the initial screening by the producers. During the show's run, one housemate is voted out of the Big Brother house every week until the last two housemates are left. The winner of the show, who receives the grand prize, is chosen during the Big Brother finale.

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Education No formal education required
Starting pay N/A
Median pay N/A
10 yr growth Slower than average
Related professions Real World cast member, Survivor contestant
Author Selena Robinson

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Big Brother Contestant Job Overview

On the reality show Big Brother, a group of strangers move into the Big Brother house and live together for three months. Cameras are installed in every room of the house, and the movements of the housemates are filmed and edited for television. The housemates also wear microphones during their stay in the house, which allows the show's producers to air their conversations on the program. The group votes to send one cast member home each week until the final two compete for the prize during the finale.[1]

Big Brother Open Call Auditions

Open call auditions for Big Brother are held in selected cities each year. The specific cities vary according to the edition of the show for which a person auditions. For example, for the American version of Big Brother, open call auditions for 2014 are scheduled for several cities, including Charleston, South Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio, Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angeles, California, and New York City.[2]

Big Brother Contestant Education

There is no formal education requirement for Big Brother contestants. Some may have completed a college degree, but it is not necessary for all contestants to attend college before they can appear on the program. However, there is a Big Brother contestant age requirement. All housemates must be at least 21 years of age. In addition, in each country, all housemates are required to be valid citizens. For example, in the American version of Big Brother, all of the cast members must be legal citizens of the United States.[3]

Big Brother Contestant Training

While the producers of Big Brother do not require that cast members receive any specific training, those who are chosen to appear on the program must learn the rules of the show and meet certain eligibility requirements. For example, all contestants must pass a physical and mental health examination. They must also submit to extensive background checks, which include investigating a contestant's financial history and any past criminal charges.[4]

Big Brother 2013 Contestants

The contestants for Big Brother 2013 are introduced

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