How to Become a Contestant on Family Feud

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A person who wants to become a contestant on Family Feud must attend one of the show's auditions with several members of his or her family. The show "Family Feud" airs on various television networks across the United States on weekdays. Comedian Steve Harvey serves as the show's host. Contestants who appear on the show have the opportunity to compete for a chance to win cash prizes if they answer enough questions correctly.

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Related professions Wipeout contestant, The Biggest Loser contestant
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Family Feud Contestant Job Overview

Contestants on "Family Feud" appear as a group of five family members.[1] All five are assigned to one team that competes against another team of family members. During the show, one contestant from each team is asked to come up and answer a question based on a survey of other adults. The first contestant to answer the question with the response that matches most of the survey respondents wins a number of points for his or her team.[2]

Afterward, the show host asks the other members of the winning team to give their personal answers to the same question. If the team gives three answers that do not match the survey answers, then they lose the opportunity to compete for that question. The team that has gained the most points by the end of the show qualifies for the final round, where two contestants from the team have the chance to win $100,000.[2]

Family Feud Contestant Education

Participants who appear on the show Family Feud do not need to have a formal education or a college degree. There is no age requirement for contestants either. However, the show's producers suggests that all contestants be at least 15 years of age, so that they have the best chance of answering the questions correctly. Contestants must be legal residents of the United States or be licensed to work in the United States in order to appear.[1]

Family Feud Contestant Training

Family Feud contestants do not receive any specialized training. However, they do need to follow an audition process in order to be selected for the show. The show holds live open calls in cities around the United States, including Phoenix and Atlanta.[3] Contestants can also submit auditions via YouTube or DVD. On the audition clip, all family members should introduce themselves and explain why they want to appear on the show. Producers often select families that are fun and engaging. Audition clips should be three to five minutes in length.[1]

Family Feud Answers

Moments from the show "Family Feud"

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