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Becoming a contestant on Hell's Kitchen requires attending an audition or submitting an online audition video for the show. The program Hell's Kitchen airs on the FOX television network and follows a cast of chefs and cooks who compete for the chance to run a restaurant owned by British chef Gordon Ramsay. While the show's producers do not require that contestants have a certain amount of formal education, they do prefer applicants who have a considerable amount of culinary experience.

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Education No formal education required
Starting pay N/A
Median pay N/A
10 yr growth Slower than average
Related professions Survivor contestant, Wipeout contestant
Author Selena Robinson

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Hell's Kitchen Contestant Job Overview

On the show Hell's Kitchen, contestants compete against each other in a series of culinary challenges. At the show's beginning, the contestants are divided into two teams: Red and Blue. During the weekly challenges, contestants work as a team to win exclusive experiences such as extracurricular activities with Chef Ramsay. The losing team is required to do the prep work for the entire kitchen's dinner service later in the evening. At the dinner service, both teams receive a group of tables for which to prepare meals. The winning team is chosen based on their group's cooking performance. One chef from the losing team is sent home each week.[1]

Hell's Kitchen Audition Process

Each year, the Hell's Kitchen production team holds open call auditions in selected U.S. cities such as Miami and Las Vegas. Those who attend an open call audition must complete the show application in advance and bring it to the open call. They must also wear a professional chef's coat and submit a copy of their resume. During the open call, applicants are not asked to cook a dish, but those who are selected for the next round of screenings may have to cook a meal later in the process.[2]

Hell's Kitchen Contestant Education

To become a contestant on Hell's Kitchen, a person does not need to complete a high school diploma, GED, or a college degree. However, those who have received training in professional culinary arts or those who have cooking experience are more likely to be selected for the show. On the Hell's Kitchen contestant application, prospective cast members are asked to submit details of every educational institution they have attended, including high school, college, and culinary school.[3]

Hell's Kitchen Contestant Training

After being chosen for the show, contestants on Hell's Kitchen must follow the protocol for working in a five-star kitchen. This includes taking orders from the head chef, issuing meals to assigned tables, working with the maitre'd, and doing prep work for each meal in advance. All contestants also have to participate in individual challenges that involve preparing meals from scratch in a short time, identifying foods by taste, and creating a signature dish. Professional culinary training at an accredited culinary school may help prospective contestants to develop these skills before they appear on the program.[3]

Hell's Kitchen Season 12 Promo

Promo for Hell's Kitchen season 12

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