How to Become a Contestant on The Bachelor

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To become a contestant on The Bachelor, men and women must go through a lengthy audition process conducted by the show's producers. The Bachelor is a reality dating competition that airs on the ABC television network each winter. The show features a single man who dates 25 single women over the course of several weeks in an attempt to find his soulmate. During the season finale, "The Bachelor" chooses one woman to whom he will propose.

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Education No formal education required
Starting pay N/A
Median pay N/A
10 yr growth N/A
Related professions The Bachelorette contestant
Author Selena Robinson

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The Bachelor Contestant Job Overview

The show The Bachelor follows one man who attempts to find love by dating 25 women who live in a house together during the season. Each week, "The Bachelor" spends time with several of the women on group dates and individual dates and decides to whom he will give a rose. Women who receive a rose are selected to remain on the show for another week. After every week, one woman goes home until there are only two women left for the finale. On the finale, "The Bachelor" decides which of the women he will propose to.[1]

The Bachelor Open Call Auditions

In addition to the show's online application process, open call auditions for The Bachelor are held in several U.S. cities each year. These auditions generally take place during the spring. 2014 The Bachelor open call auditions are scheduled for cities such as Hanover, Maryland, Atlanta, Georgia, New York, New York, and Scottsdale, Arizona.[2]

The Bachelor Contestant Education

In order to appear on The Bachelor, contestants do not have to meet a specific education requirement. However, most of the applicants have completed high school and/or attended college.[3] Men who try out to become "The Bachelor" are often professionals in their field. Previous contestants have included professional athletes such as football players and soccer players.[4] Women who sign up to compete for a relationship with "The Bachelor" also tend to have careers of their own.[5]

The Bachelor Contestant Training

While there is no formal training for contestants on The Bachelor, the men and women who appear on the show do need to learn how to appear comfortable and confident while on camera. As part of the online audition process, applicants must submit video clips that showcase their personalities and skills. Those who are the most natural and engaging on film have the best chance of being selected for the show.[6]

The Bachelor 2014 Clips

Scenes from the 2014 season of The Bachelor

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