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Becoming a contestant on The Bachelorette involves completing the show's application, auditioning for the producers, and meeting the program's eligibility requirements. The Bachelorette airs on the ABC television network and features one woman who dates a house full of single men to find true love. In most cases, women who are chosen to become "The Bachelorette" are former contestants on The Bachelor, so the audition process for both shows is fairly similar.

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Education No formal education required
Starting pay N/A
Median pay N/A
10 yr growth N/A
Related professions The Bachelor contestant
Author Selena Robinson

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Bachelorette Contestant Job Overview

Contestants on The Bachelorette are generally men who appear on the program for the chance to win the heart of "The Bachelorette". They live together in a house for several weeks and spend time on group dates and individual dates with "The Bachelorette". As she dates the contestants, "The Bachelorette" decides which ones she would like to get to know better. The other contestants are gradually sent home until the last two remain. During the season finale, "The Bachelorette" decides which man she will accept a marriage proposal from.[1]

Bachelorette Contestant Application

To apply for The Bachelorette, individuals must provide details about their personal lives. This information includes their names, height, weight, age, occupation, and address. They must also disclose whether they have any children, explain what they do for a living, and provide a current photograph of themselves. The show accepts both applications from individuals and nominations from others.[2]

Bachelorette Contestant Education

Producers of the show The Bachelorette do not stipulate that contestants meet any formal education requirements. The majority of contestants, however, have completed a college education or established a career. In addition, the show's producers require that contestants meet several requirements. For example, all applicants must be at least 21 years of age. They must also be legal residents of the United States who have never been convicted of a felony. The show does not accept any candidates who are married or separated. If contestants have ever appeared on other reality television competitions such as America's Next Top Model, Survivor, or American Idol must disclose their prior experience.[3]

Bachelorette Contestant Training

Contestants who appear on The Bachelorette do not have to complete any formal training. However, the ability to be comfortable around television cameras is an important quality for all contestants on the show. Since most of the women who are chosen to become "The Bachelorette" are former contestants from the show The Bachelor, they have developed the ability to talk and act normally while on camera.[1] During the show, male contestants often have to give "confessionals", which are candid moments when they speak directly to the show's producers. Being able to express themselves clearly and comfortably will help prospective contestants improve their chances of being selected.[4]

The Bachelorette 2014

Andi, a former contestant on The Bachelor, is announced as The Bachelorette for 2014

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