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Becoming a fitness model requires a person to devote a considerable amount of time to staying in shape and eating healthy. Fitness models tend to promote fitness and typically work for organizations wanting an athletic looking model. A fitness model’s job is to pose for photographers as well as help advertisers sell a product, such as exercise equipment, athletic clothing and supplements. Fitness models do not typically need to obtain a college degree and they generally earn $9.02 per hour.[1] Being organized, disciplined, and staying in shape will help a model achieve a dream of becoming a fitness model.

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Education No formal education required[1]
Starting pay $7.81 per hour[2]
Median pay $9.02 per hour[2]
10 yr growth Average[1]
Related professions Model, teen model, Actor, super model
Author Tammy Feeney

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Fitness Model Job Overview

Most fitness models work for magazines and companies that focus on sports, health, fitness and nutrition. Fitness models work days consist of shooting commercials or infomercials, posing for photographers or working promotional events. A workday for a fitness model can include the following:

  • Use their athletic features to enhance the allure of a product
  • Maintain well proportioned, lean and fit body with regular workout routines
  • Hand out literature at trade shows for clients
  • Perform in bodybuilding or bikini contests to maximize exposure to potential clients
  • Perform different poses and expressions for photographers
  • Maintain an online and physical portfolio[3]

Fitness Model Training and Education

A fitness model does not need a college education. The main objectives for a fitness model are maintaining an athletic body year round and knowing how to pose. [4] Once a fitness model signs with an agent, the agency provides the fitness model with many classes that will educate them further on modeling. Competing in fitness, figure and bodybuilding contests, as well as participating in expos, events, and workshops help fitness models market themselves..[5] These types of events present an opportunity for fitness models to meet with sponsors.

Fitness Model Agents

Fitness models must take into consideration the type of modeling they would like to perform when choosing an agent. Modeling agencies have open calls, where fitness models can meet prospective agents. Providing a link between fitness models and clients is the duty of a modeling agency. It is an agency's responsibility to train and develop a fitness model, and in return they receive a percentage of a fitness model’s income.[3]

What it Takes to Be a Female Fitness Model

What it Takes to Be a Female Fitness Model

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