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A floral designer arranges plants, leaves, and flowers to create decorative arrangements. These artistic arrangements may also include accents such as bows or ribbons. Some florists own their own businesses, while others work for floral companies, grocery stores, or retail flower shops. A typical salary for a florist is $23,610 annually.[1]


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Education High school diploma[1]
Starting pay $16,940[2]
Median pay $23,610[1]
10 yr. growth Slower than average[1]
Related professions Art director, graphic designer, florist
Author Selena Robinson

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Floral Designer Job Overview

Floral designers must possess both artistic ability and an eye for aesthetics. They also need to be creative, organized individuals who have strong customer service skills.[3] [4] Floral designers spend their workdays performing a variety of tasks, including:[5]

  • Making arrangement recommendations to customers
  • Taking orders and wrapping arrangements
  • Designing arrangements
  • Ordering and growing flowers
  • Creating arrangements based on occasions, types, and customers' budgets

Floral Designer Education

Although floral designers do not need a college degree, many get some kind of schooling, typically from a floral design program at a community college or a vocational school. Additionally, some universities offer floral design programs and hands-on experience in greenhouses. Typical courses include floral design concepts, flower and plant identification, and advertising.[3]

Floral Designer Training

Florists usually receive their training through hands-on experience from a floral designer. This experience is typically gained by working as a cashier or delivering flowers for a florist. Some of the skills learned during training include how to care for and identify flowers, the appropriate ways to tie ribbons and bows for bouquets and arrangements, and how to cut stems correctly.[3]

Floral Designer Certification

State and national floral design associations occasionally offer florist programs, as do some online colleges like the Stratford Career Institute.[6] Students may also become certified. The American Institute of Floral Designers issues the certificate, which may help improve an individual's chances of being hired by a floral design agency. The institute also offers a variety of classes for students.[7]

Training for Floral Designers

Training in the floral industry

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