How to Become a Gigolo

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A gigolo is a young man paid or financially supported by an older woman to be her escort. Many gigolos work for male escort agencies, which are typically found in large cities with lots of tourists, such as Las Vegas. Others prefer to be self-employed and pick up customers in bars, clubs, on the street, and online. Being a gigolo doesn't require a college degree, and those who choose their clients carefully could earn high amounts of pay.

Please note that providing services beyond mere companionship is illegal in most U.S. states.


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Education None required
Starting pay $30-$3,000 per night[1]
Median pay $42,000[2]
10 yr growth Faster than average[3]
Related professions Escort, masseuse
Author Selena Robinson

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Gigolo Job Overview

If a gigolo is self-employed, he can spend a good part of each day prospecting for clients. If a gigolo is employed by a high-end escort service, he can expect to spend time meeting high profile people from all trades ranging from sports to politics and business. Often, a gigolo will go with his client to expensive dinners in high end restaurants as well as business events and other social functions.

Gigolo Education

Gigolos are not required to have any formal education. However, they may find that learning about world events or news can be helpful in striking up conversations with potential clients. Learning about table manners and etiquette can also be helpful, since gigolos spend a good amount of time taking their companions out for dinner or drinks.[4]

Gigolo Training

Some gigolos take dance classes so that they can meet clients in clubs or accompany them to formal events at ballrooms. Despite the glamorous appearance of the job, some of the work gigolos do may be demeaning. To avoid feeling depressed, gigolos may take basic psychology courses so that they can understand the feelings of their clients and prepare themselves for the nature of the job.[4]

A Night as a Gigolo

A night as a PG-rated male escort

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