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To become a guitar teacher, an individual must be extremely knowledgeable about how to play the guitar. However, more is required than a knowledge of how to play music. Successful guitar teachers must also know how to attract clients, structure lessons, and adapt to the needs of their customers. Positions for self-enrichment teachers, such as guitar teachers, are expected to grow by more than 20 percent by the year 2020.[1]


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Education High school diploma or higher[1]
Starting pay $9.03 per hour[2]
Median pay $17.47 per hour[2]
10 yr growth Faster than average: 21%[1]
Related professions Music teacher
Author Selena Robinson

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Guitar Teacher Job Overview

A guitar teacher provides guitar playing lessons for students. The job often involves writing lessons, scheduling client visits, writing simple songs, and demonstrating the basics of guitar playing. While some guitar teachers may be employed by schools, colleges, or conservatories, many open their own businesses. Self-employed guitar instructors often need to advertise their services extensively.[3] One of the most important qualities for a guitar teacher is a sincere concern for helping students learn to play guitar. Since students may need a lot of practice, guitar teachers need lots of patience.[4]

Guitar Teacher Education

Self-employed guitar teachers may not need to complete any education beyond a high school diploma. Since these teachers work for themselves, they may only need a thorough knowledge of playing guitar in order to book clients. Guitar teachers who work for educational institutions, though, may be required to meet certain education requirements such as having a bachelor's degree in either music or education. In addition, guitar teachers may need a certain amount of teaching experience in order to be considered for employment.[5]

Guitar Teacher Training

In order to teach guitar effectively, a teacher must be skilled at guitar playing. This typically requires years of training and practice. Taking guitar lessons during childhood can help a young musician become familiar with the instrument from a young age. Some guitar players gain additional experience by playing with local bands or sitting in on live music performances. Those who attend a college music program may gain experience by participating in a music fellowship.[5]

Professional Guitar Training

When embarking upon a career as a music teacher, new guitar instructors can benefit from mentoring sessions with an experienced guitar teacher who has a thriving client base.[6] Professional guitar instruction organizations can provide guitar business tutoring to help them find new clients, improve their customer service skills, and design lessons.[7]

Guitar Teacher Careers

Suggestions for earning money as a guitar teacher

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