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Housekeepers perform a variety of domestic duties, including cleaning homes, cooking meals, running errands, managing other house employees, and sometimes answering the door when visitors arrive. There is no education requirement to become a housekeeper, but some employers prefer an applicant who has received a high school diploma or GED. Many employers also perform a background check and require the employee to be bonded.[1]


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Education No formal education rqeuired[1]
Starting pay $16,430[2]
Median pay $19,570[2]
10 yr growth Average: 13%[1]
Related professions Maid, Janitor
Author Selena Robinson

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Housekeeper Job Overview

Housekeepers are generally hired to perform cleaning and light maintenance duties in someone’s home. The exact nature of the job varies from house to house. Tasks usually include managing other house workers, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children and running errands. There are many types of jobs available. Hotels, resorts and cruise ships hire housekeepers to manage other cleaning staff members, such as maids and room service attendants.[3]Homeowners, especially in affluent neighborhoods, hire housekeepers to manage their domestic staff and ensure the home is appropriately cared for when they are not able to care for it.[1]

Housekeeper Education

Housekeepers are not normally required to have a formal education in order to find employment.[1] However, some employers may prefer to hire applicants that have either a high school diploma or a GED.[4] Local libraries, career centers, and colleges may offer GED classes and proctored exams for students who want to become housekeepers.

Housekeeper Training

Before receiving a permanent position, housekeepers may learn their trade under the supervision of veteran workers. During the apprenticeship, they learn how to manage households, keep the house looking neat, and communicate efficiently with supervisors and other workers. Some vocational schools and career centers offer graduate certificates and continuind education programs for housekeepers.[1]

Housekeeper Training Programs

Housekeepers who wish to learn how to perform their jobs more efficiently can enroll in structured housekeeper training programs. For example, the Maid Training Academy offers an online housekeeping training program that includes instruction in cleaning, manners, and caring for furniture. Students may choose from a range of housekeeping certification levels.[5]

Working as a Cruise Ship Housekeeper

Housekeeper Positions with the Disney Cruise Line

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