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A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis to reveal lost memories and treat patients suffering from mental illness and victims with PTSD. Since hypnotherapy is not a regulated profession in the U.S., there are no formal education requirements required to become hypnotherapists. However, most counseling services that offer this type of treatment prefer therapists who have earned a master’s degree in counseling and are certified by an appropriate board or organization.[1]

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Education High school diploma or GED[2]
Starting pay $25,430[3]
Median pay $40,080[3]
10 yr growth Faster than average: 29%[3]
Related professions Hypnotist, therapist, counselor
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Hypnotherapist Job Overview

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis as part of the treatment plan used to help abuse victims recover from PTSD, with people who have forgotten important memories and mentally ill patients suffering from a condition that cannot be treated with traditional therapy. They also use this treatment in pain management settings.[1]

Hypnotherapists work in hospitals, government agencies, the military, schools, and in private practice.[2]

Hypnotherapist Education

Hypnotherapists are not required to receive a formal college education. However, many employers prefer an applicant to have a master’s degree in counseling, ducation or psychology if they are going to practice as a licensed mental health provider.[2]

Coursework usually includes counseling, pharmacology, mental health testing and diagnosis and treating trauma victims. Most colleges perform a background check and drug screening before allowing students to enroll in a mental health services program.[4]

Hypnotherapist Training

Hypnotherapists have different options available to them. The Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute offers a program designed to train traditional therapists in hypnosis techniques. Coursework includes proper hypnosis techniques, ethics, treating persons with mental illness and combining traditional therapy with hypnosis. Courses range from three months to a year and are available online.[5]

Hypnotherapist Certification

While earning a master’s degree in hypnotherapy and receiving advanced training will help students receive a job, certification is the next step in enhancing one's career. Receiving certification shows a commitment to the professions, enhances therapist’s skills through continuing education and opens doors with networking opportunities.[5] For example, the National Board for Certified Hypnotherapists offers membership and professional workshops for members. Details are available at

Hypnotherapist Jobs Explained

Hypnotherapists explain their careers.

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