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Becoming a landscaper requires an understanding of botany and a love for the outdoors. Landscapers also work long hours, occasionally in inclement weather, so people who are interested in working in landscaping usually need physical stamina. Landscaping can include designing the layout of a property's landscape, as well as maintaining the grounds on a regular basis. By the year 2020, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that the number of open positions for landscape architects will increase by 16 percent.[1]


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Education Bachelor's degree[1]
Starting pay $36,880[2]
Median pay $62,090[2]
10 yr growth Average: 16%[1]
Related professions Pest control worker
Author Selena Robinson

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Landscaper Job Overview

Some landscapers work for local governments, planning public parks or maintaining them regularly. Others work for commercial clients, performing landscaping for businesses and office parks. Still other landscapers work for individual clients, helping them to plan their gardens and maintain their lawns.[3] Landscapers may be involved in the planning side as landscape architects or they may focus on maintaining landscaping as grounds maintenance workers.[4] Landscapers often need to possess certain skills in areas such as customer service, creativity, and critical thinking.[5]

Landscaper Education

Most landscaping companies do not require that workers obtain a college degree. As a result, the majority of landscapers only have to complete high school before getting a job. However, those who want to become landscape architects must go to college and receive either a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. These landscaping college programs typically include courses in site design, plant science, and geology.[5]

Landscaper Training

Most landscapers receive their training on the job. After being hired, new landscapers may complete an apprenticeship that allows them to learn the basics of caring for grounds, trimming shrubs, and operating lawn care equipment.[6] Landscape architects have to obtain a license by passing the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE).[5]

Landscaper Certification

Certificates in landscape design are available from some educational providers. While these programs are not required in order to work in the landscape industry, some workers choose to complete them in order to find more work or to brush up on their skills. Landscaping certificate programs may include courses in plant identification, surveying, and home garden design.[7]

Landscaper Certification

Industry certification for landscapers

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