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Working as a Lego Certified Professional involves using hundreds of Lego bricks to create original artwork. Lego professionals are not employed by the Lego corporation, so their exact salaries vary according to the job for which they are commissioned. However, there are very few individuals who hold the designation of Lego Certified Professional, so a person who wants to work in this field must demonstrate exceptional Lego modeling ability.

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Education No formal education required
Starting pay Varies
Median pay Varies
10 yr growth Slower than average
Related professions Lego Master Model Builder
Author Selena Robinson

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Lego Certified Professional Job Overview

A Lego Certified Professional is an individual who has made a professional hobby out of modeling with Lego bricks. As independent individuals, these builders are not Lego employees, so they do not receive a salary from the company. However, some Lego Certified Professionals make a living by creating custom Lego artwork and selling it to collectors. As of 2014, the Lego company only recognized 12 Lego Certified Professionals in the world.[1] On occasion, Lego Certified Professionals may also create and display works at art museums and children's museums.[2]

Lego Certified Professional Education

Since Lego Certified Professionals do not work directly for the Lego Corporation, they are not required to meet any specific educational requirements. However, all of the individuals who have received the Certified Professional designation have finished high school and most are college graduates. Since Lego Certified Professionals work with The Lego Group on various projects, they must be familiar with reading model schematics and diagrams.[3]

Lego Certified Professional College Programs

College programs for aspiring Lego Certified Professionals may include majors that highlight computer design or engineering. Some Lego Certified Professionals have majored in Computer Science, Architecture, and even Law.[1][4] One Lego Certified Professional, who works primarily with children, became a teacher and used Lego bricks to create sensory and motor skills activities for students.[5]

Lego Certified Professional Training

Training for Individuals who want to qualify for the Lego Certified Professional designation may involve learning how to design original works featuring Lego bricks and how to improve on existing Lego sets. Since these professionals are often commissioned to create custom pieces for buyers, they also need training in sketching so that they can accurately capture the buyer's concept on paper.[6]

Lego Certified Professional Jobs

Working as a LEGO certified professional

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