How to Become a Lego Master Model Builder

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A person who wants to become a Lego Master Model Builder should have a thorough knowledge of how to use Lego bricks to create life-sized, intricate works of art. Lego Master Model Builders work at Lego stores and attractions such as Legoland Florida. Their primary job is to create complex Lego models for displays, but they also provide helpful information for visitors. Lego only recruits Master Model Builders at competitions, so there are very few job openings available.


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Education High school diploma
Starting pay $12 per hour[1]
Median pay $12 per hour[1]
10 yr growth Slower than average
Related professions Lego Certified Professional
Author Selena Robinson

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Lego Master Model Builder Job Overview

Lego Master Model Builders may be employed at Lego retail stores, Legoland theme parks, or Legoland Discovery Centers around the world. They are assigned to create new sculptures for display, but they also work to repair existing models, lead Lego workshops, and provide information about Lego building to guests and the media. Since the attractions are often visited by families, Lego Master Model Builders must be comfortable working around children on a regular basis.[2]

While most Lego Master Model Builders work at the company's stores and attractions, a few are employed at the international Lego headquarters in Denmark. These builders are responsible for designing the Lego sets that will be sold to the public each year.[3]

Lego Master Model Builder Education

Becoming a Lego Master Model Builder does not require a college degree or any specialized training. However, Lego does stipulate that all model builders complete a high school diploma before hiring.

While there is no formal collegiate education involved in becoming a Lego Master Model Builder, the job does require extensive practice and training in how to use Lego bricks to make complicated models. Applicants who are interested in applying for the job may be asked to display a portfolio of their previous Lego creations. They may also be required to read model drawings and instructions, have experience in model making, and understand basic scale modeling.[1]

Lego Master Model Builder Training

While the Lego MBA program provides special training for young Lego builders who want to improve their skills, the actual training program for Lego Master Model Builders follows a different set of objectives. However, individuals who want to improve their Lego modeling skills before participating in a Lego competition can use the MBA program to do so.[4]

Lego Master Builder Academy

The Lego Master Builder Academy (MBA) is an online training program for aspiring Lego Master Model Builders. The program, which is geared toward children and teens, teaches kids how to follow complex Lego model diagrams in exclusive Lego MBA kits. The academy also features skills tests to let students show off their Lego expertise and background information on current Lego Master Model Builders.[5]

Lego Master Model Builder Interview

Interview with Lego Master Model Builder Steve Gerling

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