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A life coach is a counselor who assists people to set goals for themselves and reach them. Life coaching is commonly used for adults, but may also be available for teenagers who are unsure what to do after high school. The work of a life coach falls under mental health counseling, which the Bureau of Labor and Statisics considers to be one of the fastest-growing job industries in the United States.[1]

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Education Specialized training[2]
Starting pay $24,180[3]
Median pay $38,150[3]
10 yr growth Faster than average[1]
Related professions Mental health therapist, counselor
Author Selena Robinson

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Life Coach Job Overview

Life coaches perform work similar to that of mental health counselors, but they are not medically trained experts. Instead, these individuals use counseling methods to help clients consider their life goals and then assess their current choices to see what adjustments they need to make in order to accomplish these goals. In this way, life coaching resembles the work of a motivational speaker but is done in a one-on-one setting.[2]

Individuals who become life coaches need to show many of the same skills used by counselors, including active listening, people skills, and the ability to communicate. They also need to have good recordkeeping habits to keep their clients' files organized.[4]

Life Coach Education

Since life coaching is not a credentialed position, individuals do not need any specific education to become a life coach. However, getting a good education can be advantageous to helping an individual establish a client base and develop a credible reputation in the field. Some life coaches complete a high school diploma and then go on to obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree in a relevant counseling major such as psychology or business.[5]

Life Coach Training

To become a qualified life coach, individuals may choose to complete a specialized training course. As with the education requirements, this training is not required in order to begin offering coaching, but it can prove to be valuable, especially when starting out. Several programs offer life coaching courses and the price for these classes can vary widely. Most aspiring life coaches will benefit from taking an accredited course that is offered by a reputable institution.[6] Even though life coaches are not required to have a license, some practioners opt to join a credentialing organization such as the International Coach Federation.[7]

Life Coach Certification

Certification for life coaches

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