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To become a magician, a person needs to develop skills such as research, practice, and patience. A magician is a performing artist who creates illusions that appear to be impossible to the naked eye. These illusions are sometimes referred to as magic tricks. Magicians perform their magic shows at parties, events, and theaters. Most magicians adhere to a "magician's code", which prohibits any magician from revealing the secrets of magic tricks still in use by other magicians.[1]

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Education Specialized training
Starting pay Depends on individual pricing
Median pay Depends on individual pricing
10 year growth N/A
Related professions Comedian, circus performer, singer, dancer
Author Andrew Dobrow

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Magician Job Overview

A magician, sometimes referred to as an illusionist, is a stage performer who performs magical feats and tricks which might seem impossible to the audience. Magicians often employ the aid of stage props and assistance from members of the audience in the execution of magic tricks. These performers may specialize in certain skills, including card tricks, close-up magic, children's magic, street magic, mentalism, escape illusions, and stage magic.[2]

Magicians perform routines at various events including birthday parties (for both children and adults), fairs, circuses, promotional events, corporate events, and picnics. Some magicians also perform at public locations, including nursing homes, libraries, day cares, restaurants, theaters and parks.[3]

Magician Education

While no formal education is necessary to become a magician, there are several online schools that offer professional instruction in the art of magic. A background education in business management or performing arts might assist a magician in his or her career. The majority of magicians are self-taught, but some may serve as apprentices to professional magicians.[4]

Magician Training

Many magicians are self-taught and self-trained. Several books and media resources are available on the study and performance of illusion. [5] Magicians may also study other performing illusionists to understand the art of magic performance and help perfect their performance style. They use repetition and practice to perfect the delivery of illusions. Magicians study and perform various styles of magic tricks in order to understand the craft.[1]

Tips for Magic Tricks

Tips for becoming a professional magician

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