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An aspiring Postal Service mail carrier needs to pass a civil service exam in order to become a mailman. In recent years, job opportunities for mailmen have been on the decline, as mail volume decreased by 21 percent between 2008 and 2012.[1] The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities for mailmen will decline by 26 percent as of 2020.[2]

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Education High school diploma[2]
Starting pay $38,490[3]
Median pay $53,090[2]
10 yr growth Rapidly declining[2]
Related professions Messenger, courier, delivery truck driver[4]
Author Allison Hughes

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Mailman Job Overview

In addition to delivering mail, a mailman also sorts through mail, picks mail up, and sometimes collects postage money (usually in more rural areas). A mailman is typically assigned an established route, and delivers the mail on foot, by vehicle, or both. A mailman must be able to answer any postal service or regulation questions posed by customers, and may also have change of address forms on hand for customers who request them. The mailman also collects signatures from customers for insured, registered, or certified mail.[5]

In order to be hired as a mailman, applicants must be at least 18, pass a drug test, pass a criminal background check, and be able to lift at least 50 pounds.[6]

Mailman Education

The job of a mailman does not require a degree beyond a high school diploma. However, an applicant must pass an exam in order to be hired. This exam is in written form, and measures an individual's ability to memorize mail distribution procedures and read names and numbers with speed and accuracy.[6]

Mailman Training

Training for a mailman is usually provided on the job, and includes becoming to the daily operations of a post office. A new hire needs to learn and memorize several facts, including names, numbers, mail routes, and the Postal Service's rules and regulations. A mailman also needs to be have solid driving skills, as all applicants for the position must have clean driving records and pass a road test in order to be hired.[6]

Becoming a Mailman

The career of a mailman

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