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Mechanical and technical skills are essential components needed to become a mechanic. Mechanics work in a variety of areas, from computers and engines to brakes and tires. There are several degree programs and certifications that give pupils the instruction necessary to be a mechanic. Mechanics troubleshoot, restore, examine, troubleshoot, and maintain various types of automobiles, including trucks, personal vehicles, and heavy equipment machinery. Mechanics must be well informed about the various equipment, tools, and procedures utilized in auto shops for repairing and troubleshooting vehicles.[1] According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median annual wage of automotive service technicians and mechanics was $35,790 in May 2010.[2]


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Education High school diploma[2]
Starting pay $20,810 per year [3]
Median pay $35,790 per year[2]
10 yr growth Average[2]
Related professions Auto mechanic, airplane mechanic
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Mechanic Job Overview

Mechanics work on classic mechanical parts, such as belts, transmissions, hoses, and engines. However, they must also be knowledgeable with an increasing number of electronic processes. Mechanics generally perform the following tasks:

  • Test systems and parts to safeguard that they are performing accurately
  • Diagnose mechanical issues, often by using computerized diagnostic equipment
  • Observe checklists to ensure that they check out all critical components
  • Evaluate and lubricate the vehicle’s engine and other main parts
  • Execute maintenance and essential care
  • Replace or repair old parts
  • Dismantle and reconstruct parts
  • Use testing equipment to ensure that maintenance and repairs are in force[4]

Mechanic Education

A general prerequisite to initiate a career as an industrial, avionics, or auto mechanic is a high school diploma or GED. More industrial equipment mechanics are procuring two-year associate's degrees in industrial maintenance while some acquire bachelor's degrees.[5] If one is interested in becoming an aircraft mechanic, then one must obtain 18 months of practical experience with either airframes or power plants, or 30 months of hands-on experience laboring on both at the same time.[6]

Mechanic Training

The specific training required to become a mechanic varies by business. For example, auto mechanics usually gain their education on the job, and it takes two to five years to become a wholly proficient auto service technician. It takes an additional one to two years of education to become knowledgeable with all groups of auto repairs. An industrial machinery mechanic’s on-the-job training consists of learning how to weld, how to read blueprints, and repair electronics on equipment and use computers machinery and lasts several months to a year.[5]

Aircraft Mechanic Jobs

Aircraft Mechanic Career Overview

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