How to Become a Mercenary

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For one to understand how to become a mercenary, an individual must first be willing to place political affiliations and matters of personal ethics aside in order to work for someone needing the services of a soldier. A mercenary is a hired commando, fighting for money rather than the efforts of a home country. Political leaders contract these soldiers of fortune to protect provinces and resources in times of civil unrest. Mercenary intervention can significantly affect the outcomes of newsworthy world events.[1]

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Education High school diploma, Military training
Starting pay $400/day, depending upon firm and contract[2]
Median pay $650/day, depending upon firm and contract[3]
10 yr growth Faster than average[4]
Related professions Spy, soldier
Author Kasey Clark

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Mercenary Job Overview

In this day and age, private military companies supply civilian contractors to various entities looking to exercise force in possibly volatile situations. These firms operate legally, providing logistical support, armed protection, and intelligence.[5] One argument for the privatization of military force centers around these companies being able to possibly prevent genocidal violence, if and when officials from the United Nations are unable to protect civilians.[6]

Mercenary Education

Someone who acts as a mercenary typically has formal military training. It is therefore assumed that this individual has obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent. A person who would like to set their sights on a career in tactical operations and law enforcement after college might choose a major such as Military Science and Operational Studies.[7] Mercenaries who speak multiple languages will find themselves in high demand.

Mercenary Training

Private security companies provide recruits with extensive training before sending them out on various contracts. Custom preparation may include courses in driving instruction, logistics, weapons training, risk assessment, and others. Training regimens vary based on the nature of the impending contract and the part of the world where the operation will take place.[8]

Mercenary Qualities

A mercenary who serves as a contractor for a private global security agency demonstrates professionalism and critical thinking skills in high-pressure situations. The ideal candidate is also a team player, willing to protect and support comrades while furthering the mission of the contracting agency. All in all, mercenaries act strategically, always taking responsibility for actions taken in both passive and active situations.[9]

Mercenary Action

Private security contractors often engage in counterterrorism operations

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