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To become a performer at Disneyland, a person must be willing to work for long hours with large groups of people. Disneyland performers work at the Disneyland Resort, which is located in Anaheim, California. Performing jobs may be outdoors in sections of the park, or indoors during live musical or stage performances held at the resort. A person who wants to work at Disneyland must be extremely comfortable working with children, since the park attracts many families.


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Starting pay $10 per hour[1]
Median pay $10 per hour[1]
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Disneyland Performer Job Overview

The work of a Disneyland performer varies, according to the specific position he or she fills. A musical or stage performer at the theme park may have to perform a live show by singing, acting, or dancing. Some performers at the park play musical instruments or dance in live street parades.[2] Other Disneyland performers may do novelty tricks such as magic or juggling. Most live performers complete a lengthy audition process before they are hired by Disneyland.[3]

Types of Disneyland Performers

Performers at Disneyland may choose from a variety of roles. These include working as Disney characters or mascots, parade performers, and live actors or musicians. Disney mascots often appear in costume and walk through the park to greet visitors and pose for pictures, though they rarely speak.[1] Disneyland princesses, though, often speak to visitors - even quoting lines that their characters say in Disney movies.[4]

Disneyland Performer Education

While a formal education may not be required to become a Disneyland performer, individuals may have to meet certain physical requirements. Performers who want to play Mickey or Minnie Mouse are generally short in stature, so that they do not intimidate small children. Disneyland princesses must physically resemble the characters they wish to portray.[5]

College students who wish to work as Disneyland performers can enroll in the Disney College Program. This internship, which is only available for performers at the Walt Disney World resort, gives students training in entertainment production and performing. They can use this experience to apply for work as full-time performers at Disneyland.[6]

Disneyland Performer Training

In order to work as a Disneyland performer, an individual must learn how to walk, move, and greet people in a particular way. For example, a Disneyland princess might have to learn to move in the large princess costume dresses using specific choreography moves such as a curtsy and a waltz step.[5]

As part of their training, Disneyland performers may also have to learn musical numbers or stage shows. For example, individuals who perform in Disneyland parades must memorize each show's choreography so that they can stay in step with the other dancers and singers.[2]

Disneyland Parade Performer Jobs

Behind the scenes footage of the work that goes into performing a Disneyland parade

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