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Becoming a petite model requires a shorter than average height and an ideal size range. Petite models are 5'7” in height or shorter. Having a lack of height, petite models focus on commercial modeling jobs, body part modeling, print modeling, and catalog modeling. They can also find jobs working with garment manufacturers and suppliers as showroom models. Models do not need a college degree and earn an average income of $9.21 an hour.[1]

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Education No formal education required[1]
Starting pay $7.81 per hour[2]
Median pay $9.02 per hour[2]
10 yr growth Average[1]
Related professions Model, teen model, Actor, super model
Author Tammy Feeney

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Petite Model Job Overview

Most petite models work doing commercial fashion and commercial print.[3] A petite model’s advancement relies heavily on their previous work so high quality photographs are essential in maintaining a portfolio. A petite model’s workday is similar to that of all models, with tasks including:

  • Pose for photographers to enhance the features of clothing or other products
  • Model accessories, such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry, and promote beauty products, including fragrances and cosmetics
  • Style hair or apply makeup to enhance their appearance
  • Communicate with agents about prospective and current contracts
  • Maintain portfolios and print composite cards[4]

Petite Model Education and Training

There are no standard educational requirements to become a petite model. A model’s agency will provide models with different classes and tutorials that range from hair and makeup styling to runway and photography. Other beneficial classes include resume writing, poise and interviewing. Modeling is a visual career so models should invest time in taking care of themselves, especially their hair and skin. Petite models should also become familiar with their facial expressions and how their body feels in different poses by practicing in front of a mirror.[5]

Getting an Agent

A petite model needs to find an agency or agent that focuses on commercial or print since reputable agencies do not tout themselves as petite modeling agencies. Attending open calls of local modeling agencies allows a model to meet face to face with agents. Petite models should focus on how they want to represent themselves and choose an agent that can help them achieve that goal.[6] Once a model signs with an agency, the agency collects a percentage of the petite model’s wages as payment.

Modeling Jobs for Petite Models

Modeling Petite Models Can Do

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