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Becoming a plus size model requires a little extra height and an ideal size range. Plus size models are generally 5'8" to 6' in height, and wear a size 10 and up. Other guidelines are a proportional figure and shapely legs. A plus size model can find work in commercial and promotional campaigns, as well as advertising. Top fashion designers are now using bigger models for runway shows, and plus size models can find work in the art world by posing for paintings, sculptures, or etchings.[1]

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Education No formal education required[1]
Starting pay $7.81 per hour[2]
Median pay $9.02 per hour[2]
10 yr growth Average[1]
Related professions Model, teen model, Actor, super model
Author Tammy Feeney

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Plus Size Model Job Overview

Most plus size models work for stores specializing in plus size clothing. Work can include printed publications, as well as commercials and live shows. Body size is not as important for success as a plus size model.[3] Daily work for a plus size model consists of:

  • Conduct research on the promoted product
  • Display clothing for a variety of audiences and in various media
  • Create and maintain a portfolio of their work
  • Maintain clear skin and healthy hair by eating right
  • Ensure all supplies are either provided or need to be brought by the model for a contract

Plus Size Model Education and Training

Since modeling is a visual career, there are no formal education requirements. Several life skills come in handy as a plus size model, such as patience and good people skills. Plus size models should market themselves by creating comp cards, circulating their portfolio, testing with photographers and making their own web pages.[4]

Agents for Plus Size Models

A plus size model must take into consideration the type of modeling she would like to perform when looking for an agent. Most plus size models work in commercial and print, but runway modeling is becoming higher in demand. A plus size model should be sure the agency books the kind of work they are looking to do before signing with them. Models can meet agents in person while attending open calls of agencies.[5]

Tips for Plus Size Models

How women can make it as plus size models

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