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Producers are in charge of the overall management and finances of a film, television show, or play. They hire the director and crew, and in some cases help make final decisions on which actors or actresses to cast. Producers have the final say in any changes that are made to the project, and they set the overall budget. They are also the ones who make sure the project is completed in a timely manner. Producers select scripts they want to support and sometimes they help raise money to get the project started. [1]


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Education Bachelor's degree[2]
Starting pay $32,140[3]
Median pay $68,440[2]
10 yr growth Average: 11%[2]
Related professions Director, actor, cinematographer[4]
Author Allison Hughes

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Producer Job Overview

The role of a producer is connected to a show or movie's success. Producers need to possess a variety of characteristics, including leadership and communication skills. Communication skills are especially important, as a producer must be in contact with many people on the crew, making sure everyone stays under budget and completes their tasks on time. Producers must also possess strong management skills in order to hire the most creative and efficient crew to get the job completed successfully.[5]

Producer Education

Producers usually obtain a bachelor's degree, typically in business, nonprofit management, or arts management. Individuals interested in television and film may attend a film school, while aspiring stage producers may go on to receive a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in an accredited theater program. Classes they may take include playwriting, set design, and directing. There are over 150 programs that are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theater.[5]

Producer Training

Training for a producer typically begins years before they receive their first producer job. Producers usually begin working in other aspects of the film, television, or theater industry to gain training and experience. Movie producers, for instance, may have been associate producers, production managers, line producers, or production assistants before being promoted. All of these positions teach aspiring producers about the job. Producers working in theater may start out working as a business manager in a theatrical management office.[5]

Becoming a Reality TV Producer

An overview about how to produce reality television

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