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Professional bowlers are athletes make their living by playing the sport of bowling. These bowlers compete in the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and often travel for league championships and tournaments. Like other athletes such as soccer players, professional bowlers train and practice regularly to improve their skills. The prize money for a professional bowler who wins a tournament can vary widely. Some bowlers who have made a job out of competition play have earned more than a million dollars over the course of their careers.[1]

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Education High school diploma
Starting pay $1100 per win[1]
Median pay $3000 per win[1]
10 yr growth N/A
Related professions Coach, soccer player
Author Selena Robinson

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Professional Bowler Job Overview

Working as a professional bowler requires entering various tournaments during the year, travelling to these locations, and paying entrance fees in order to compete. Because of the costs involved with the sport and the relatively low prize winnings up for grabs, many professional bowlers earn less than they spend, especially during the first few years. In fact, most people who bowl on the PBA circuit work full-time jobs in other professions to support their bowling hobby.[1]

In order to compete at the PBA level, individuals must pay a membership fee and join the Professional Bowlers Association. Some can enroll and pay their dues dierctly on the organization website.[2] Those who win several tournaments are generally pre-qualified to compete in PBA championships.[3]

Professional Bowler Education

To become a professional bowler, an individual does not need any special education. Most competitors have a high school diploma, but some have obtained college degrees before becoming bowlers. In order to become successful at bowling, players need to spend time developing their pitching throws and finding a bowling ball size that works best for them. Some people have become professional bowlers after losing their full-time jobs.[3]

Professional Bowler Training

After beginning to bowl more frequently, aspiring professional bowlers can improve their playing skills by entering bowling training institutes such as the Professional Bowlers Tour qualifying school. At these institutions, students receive expert instruction on how to adjust their bowling pitches and how to work on making difficult shots such as splits and spares.[3]

PBA Tournament of Champions

Highlights of the PBA Tournament of Champions

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