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A Real World cast member is a reality show participant who appears on the television show "The Real World" on the MTV entertainment network. Real World cast members are not required to have a college degree, but they must learn how to appear natural on camera, how to answer questions during interviews, and how to interact with other cast members on the show. They must also sign a contract that contains several clauses governing their behavior during taping.

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Education None required
Starting pay $300 a week[1]
Median pay $2400 for 8 weeks participation
10 yr growth 0
Related professions America's Best Dance Crew contestant
Author Selena Robinson

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Real World Cast Member Job Overview

The job of being a Real World cast member is not usually rigorous. However, applicants must be willing to participate in extreme sport activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and parasailing. Before appearing on air, cast members must agree to sign a 30-page contract that absolves MTV of responsibility in case a cast member is assaulted, injured, or killed during taping. The contract also requires that cast members appear on show reunion specials and give producer-approved media appearances. Real World cast members receive payment for some of their promotional appearances and tapings.[2]

Real World Cast Member Education

There is no specific education required in order to become a Real World cast member, but the show does require that all of its cast members be at least 20 years of age and appear to be between the ages of 20 and 24. Bunim-Murray Productions, which produces the show, holds open call auditions in restaurants across the United States every year.[3]

To have their application considered, applicants must submit a five-minute audition tape. On the tape, they should give a brief autobiography and explain a bit about their personalities. Tapes should be shot in clear lighting and give a good view of the torso, shoulders, and head of the applicant.[4] The show's producers prefer to cast individuals who have struggled with physical or emotional difficulties in the past.[5]

Real World Cast Member Training

Real World cast members do not need to receive special training, but they must get accustomed to living around cameras and photographers all day. Despite being surrounded by camera operators, they must behave as the cameras are not present. Cast members also take on seasonal or part-time work in the cities where they show is being filmed and this often involves on-the-job training. They must also learn how to give interviews and how to appear in the show's "confessional", a private video booth where they give their personal feelings about fellow cast members.[2]

The Real World San Francisco

Puck is voted off the Real World San Francisco

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