How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Alabama

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Becoming a substitute teacher in Alabama generally requires completing a high school education and passing a written exam. Substitutes may also be asked to submit to a background check and allow themselves to be fingerprinted. The overall job growth for kindergarten and elementary school teachers, including those who fill in as substitutes, is expected to increase by 17 percent over the next ten years.[1]

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Education High school diploma or higher
Starting pay $67 per day[2]
Median pay $82 per day[2]
10 yr growth Average: 17%[1]
Related professions Substitute teacher, teacher
Author Selena Robinson

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Alabama Substitute Teacher Job Overview

A substitute teacher in Alabama generally does the same job as a permanent teacher, just on a short-term basis. However, the exact job duties of this position may vary, according to the grade level. For example, an Alabama substitute teacher who fills in for a middle school teacher may have to give tests, grade papers, and assign readings.[3] On the other hand, a substitute teacher who works with a preschool class may need to teach with music, organize play activities, and assist kids with basic sanitary care.[4]

Alabama Substitute Teacher Pay

Pay rates for substitute teachers in Alabama go up, according to the person's level of education and the length of the work assignment. For example, in Baldwin County, substitute teachers who have a high school diploma receive $67 per day of work, while those who have a bachelor's degree earn $82 per day. Certified educators qualify for an even higher pay rate of $103. Certified substitute teachers who accept long-term assignments for the school system can earn as much as $199.08 per day.[2]

Alabama Substitute Teacher Education

In several Alabama counties, substitute teachers are only required to hold a high school diploma or GED. However, they may be required to sit for and pass a writing exam before they are hired.[5] Those who wish to obtain a substitute teaching license in Alabama must complete an application and provide a copy of their high school transcript or GED as proof of their education.[6]

Alabama Substitute Teacher Training

Some of the Alabama school districts who accept substitute instructors also hold special training classes and sessions for new teachers. For example, the Mobile County Public School System holds substitute training sessions on a regular basis. Applicants must pay a fingerprinting fee, complete a skills test, and register for the training in advance in order to attend. Those who complete the training session are eligible to apply for open substitute teaching assignments.[7]

ESL Substitute Teaching

Lesson ideas for ESL substitute teachers

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