How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Delaware

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A person who wants to become a substitute teacher in Delaware may be able to find work as long as he or she holds a high school diploma. While the state does not require that all substitutes attend college or complete a degree, the pay rate for those who do is generally higher. By the year 2020, the number of open positions for school teachers, including substitute teachers, is expected to increase by 17 percent.[1]

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Education High school diploma or higher
Starting pay $66 per day
Median pay $83 per day
10 yr growth Average: 17%[1]
Related professions Substitute Teacher, teacher
Author Selena Robinson

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Delaware Substitute Teacher Job Overview

Delaware substitute teachers may be hired on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some may begin working on a short-term assignment and find that they are asked to stay on until the end of the school year. No matter how long the assignment, substitute teachers in Delaware are required to continue providing the instruction that the class received from the original teacher. The goal of the substitute teacher is to make sure that students maintain the academic progress they had until the full-time educator returns to work. To this end, substitutes may perform many of the same tasks as full-time teachers, including grading papers, planning lessons, and helping students prepare for standardized testing.[2]

Delaware Substitute Teacher Pay

The daily pay rate for a substitute teacher in Delaware fluctuates according to the specific level of education the teacher completes. For example, the Caesar Rodney School District pays substitutes different pay rates, depending on the level of education received. High school graduates who work as substitute teachers in the district receive $66 per day, while college graduates earn $83 per day. Substitutes who have previously worked as professional educators and hold a teaching license earn $104 per day.[3]

Delaware Substitute Teacher Education

The state of Delaware allows individual school districts to set substitute teacher requirements regarding education and experience.[4] Many school districts in Delaware only require that substitute teachers hold a high school diploma or equivalent. For example, the Milford School District, states that all applicants who are interested in becoming a substitute teacher must submit a copy of their high school diploma or transcript. Applicants must indicate their level of education completed on the hiring forms.[5]

Delaware Substitute Teacher Training

Substitute teachers in Delaware are not required to complete specific training programs. However, they may have to comply with specific hiring guidelines in order to be considered for employment. For example, the Colonial School District in Delaware outsources its hiring of substitute teachers to the temporary employment agency Kelly Services, which may enforce specific codes of conduct for employees.[6] Substitute teachers who want to earn a higher rate of pay in Delaware can complete an accredited teaching certification course to do so.[7]

Substitute Teaching in Physical Education Class

Working as a substitute physical education teacher

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