How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Florida

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Anyone who would like to become a substitute teacher in Florida will typically need to possess an associate degree or higher in order to meet the minimum criteria. Eligible teaching candidates must also have a valid substitute certificate for the district they would like to work in or a Florida Educator’s Certificate filed with that particular district’s office. The appropriate certificate may be obtained by attending one of the county’s substitute training classes. Florida substitute teaching positions may be available in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.[1][2]

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Education High school diploma or higher
Starting pay $9.28 per hour
Median pay $11.60 per hour
10 yr growth Average
Related professions Kindergarten teacher, high school teacher, school principal
Author Kasey Clark

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Florida Substitute Teacher Job Overview

Florida substitute teachers keep students on task when their regular educator is away for any reason. Depending upon the grade level or the nature of the class, a substitute teacher may be charged with giving lectures, collecting assignments, or monitoring homework/study time. Substitutes overseeing elementary school classes may have to answer questions or provide instruction covering several different subject matters, like math, science, and social studies. Substitute teachers do not have set schedules or receive health care benefits. They work on an as-needed basis.[3]

Florida Substitute Teacher Education

In order to ensure one is adequately prepared to become a substitute teacher in the state of Florida, one must first decide where he or she would like to work. Requirements for substitute teachers can vary by school district. Some counties only require applicants to have a high school diploma. In the Brevard County school system, the minimum education requirement to oversee a classroom is a high school diploma or its equivalent.[4] By comparison, the Leon County school district requires substitutes to have at least 60 semester hours of college credit. This equates to an associate degree.[5]

Florida Substitute Teacher Training

Each county’s school district offers its substitute teaching candidates several dates on which they might attend a Substitute Teacher Certification Workshop. During this mandatory workshop, potential educators learn about school safety procedures, professional responsibilities, ethics, classroom management, and more. The length of each workshop varies depending upon the attendee’s current level of education and where they plan to teach in terms of department and school district. Substitute teachers are not compensated for time spent in workshops. Some substitute teachers receive additional on-the-job training upon accepting certain classroom assignments.[1]

Florida Substitute Teacher Security Check

Those who plan to take substitute teaching assignments as they become available need to have some additional information on file with the school district for which they hope to work. All candidates need to submit to drug testing and a criminal background check before they can be officially employed. The security check usually involves being fingerprinted before or during the mandatory substitute teacher certification process.[1]

Florida Substitute Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Hilgart, 85, substitute teaches four days a week

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