How to Become a Super Model

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To become a super model, one must be a model that has attained worldwide recognition as a fashion model with a background in commercial modeling. Supermodels typically work for established fashion brands and fashion clothing designers. A supermodel’s job is to model haute couture, walk the runway, and appear in fashion photography spreads. While the average model earns $32,920 a year, supermodels may make millions of dollars a year. [1][2]

The window of opportunity to become a supermodel is small due to the competitiveness of the modeling industry. However, individuals who have the drive, determination, and skill may attain the elite status of supermodel.

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Education Less than high school [1]
Starting pay Varies
Median pay Varies
10 yr growth Slower than average
Related professions Model, Teen Model, Actor
Author Tammy Feeney

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Super Model Job Overview

Most supermodels work in the fashion industry, posing for photographers, modeling on runways and promoting commercial products for companies. A supermodel’s advancement relies heavily on their previous work, so maintaining a good portfolio with up to date, high quality photographs is essential.[3]

A supermodel’s workday is similar to that of all models, with duties including posing for pictures directed by a photographer, modeling clothing and/or products for commercials, print advertisements, or runway shows, and traveling to meet with potential clients. Supermodels often work closely with several fashion professionals, including photographers, hair stylists, fashion stylists, and makeup artists.[3]

Super Model Education and Training

A formal academic education is not a requirement to become a supermodel. However, modeling schools are available for models who want to receive training in posing, walking, applying makeup, and other basic tasks. A model should practice poses and facial expressions in a mirror. This enables him or her to understand how it feels to be in a certain pose.[4]

Getting an Agent

When choosing an agency, models should concentrate on a few that fit with their desire to become a supermodel. Focusing on what an agency has to offer to a model's career is a key requirement. A model has a right to choose the terms of the contract if he or she wishes to sign with an agent or agency.[5]

How to Become a Supermodel

Tips for men and women who want to become supermodels

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