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Telemarketers sell products and services by contacting people and setting up transactions over the telephone. One must be highly persuasive in order to learn how to become a telemarketer that reaches target customers and meets sales goals. These individuals know how to engage potential clients quickly and keep their attention until a deal has been reached. People in this career field work at call centers or in their own homes. Most telemarketing companies require employees to have at least a high school diploma.[1]

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Education High school diploma[1]
Starting pay $17,000[2]
Median pay $22,330[1]
10 yr growth Slower than average[3]
Related professions Retail sales associate, Customer service
Author Kasey Clark

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Telemarketer Job Overview

Telemarketers typically work from a set call list, contacting the individuals and businesses specified. A list could include people who have previously expressed an interest in a product or service. Sales professionals consider these “warm leads”. In other cases, however, the contacts receiving calls are chosen at random or from some database. Associates use an approved script to introduce themselves and the reason for the call. Telemarketing supervisors do allow callers to deviate from the script somewhat, particularly when ad-libbing can make the pitch more enticing to a potential customer.[4]

Telemarketer Qualities

A telemarketer must possess certain qualities in order to engage potential customers and turn cold calls into sales leads. Individuals in these positions must communicate clearly and effectively, asking direct questions that prompt positive, detailed responses. Telemarketers should strive to stay well-informed regarding products and services they offer. It is also important for them to listen carefully and stay in control of calls. This allows the telemarketer to direct the conversation toward a sales pitch and, hopefully, a profitable outcome.[5]

Telemarketer Education

Prospective telemarketers can obtain jobs in this field by simply having a high school diploma. Those with the inclination or relevant sales experience may even enter telemarketing positions with less than a completed high school education. Those that opt to pursue college degrees before working in the telemarketing field may benefit from taking courses in communications, marketing, and computer literacy.[4]

Telemarketer Training

Practice makes for a refined and expertly delivered sales pitch in the world of telemarketing. In addition to on-the-job training and the reviewing of sales strategies, outbound call managers encourage their associates to practice handling mock calls. These sessions teach callers to listen carefully, address common customer concerns, modify scripted material accordingly, and close sales.[6]

The Telemarketer Sales Call

Telemarketers must master the art of the sales call

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