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To become a UPS driver, an individual does not need a college degree. Depending on the specific driver position, the amount of training the individual needs may vary. UPS drivers include package delivery drivers, air package drivers, and tractor trailer drivers, among others.[1] The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects the demand for delivery truck drivers in general, including UPS drivers, will increase by 13 percent by the year 2020.[2]

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Education No formal education required
$16 an hour[3] Varies
Median pay $73,881[4]
10 yr growth Average[2]
Related professions Truck driver
Author Selena Robinson

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UPS Driver Job Overview

UPS drivers may work in one of several positions, including:[1]

  • Package delivery driver
  • Air package driver
  • Full time city driver
  • Tractor trailer driver

Each driver position carries different responsibilities, but all UPS driver jobs include driving delivery or commercial trucks. Drivers pick up packages from the local UPS terminal and transport them to the appropriate addresses. They must also collect signatures when necessary or leave packages when a customer is not at home. Drivers may also collect packages from UPS drop boxes in the area. Individuals who apply to the jobs must be able to lift 25 to 70 pounds and operate a truck with manual transmission. They must also pass a fitness examination to show that they can stand up to the daily routine of lifting and delivering packages.[5][6]

UPS Driver Education

While working at UPS does not require an individual to complete a certain amount of education such as a high school diploma or a college degree, all driver positions require that applicants have a valid driver's license and some require that individuals have a commercial driver's license (CDL). For example, tractor trailer jobs with one of the company's subsidiaries may require a current CDL, as well as two years of experience in Interstate Commerce.[7]

UPS Driver Training

After getting a job at UPS, drivers must undergo extensive training to learn the company's method of operation. They must learn how to use the UPS electronic clipboard, called a Delivery Information Acquisition Device, to log package deliveries and collect customer signatures. UPS drivers must also learn how to navigate delivery routes and leave packages when customers are not home. Drivers who want to advance within the company can apply for special training for other corporate positions.[8]

UPS Driver Jobs

Working as a UPS driver

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