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A Walmart greeter stands at the front of a Walmart store and greets shoppers as they enter. Normally, greeters engage customers with the message "Hello. Welcome to Walmart." or "How may I help you?". The greeter's primary responsibility is to give shoppers the impression that the Walmart staff takes a personal interest in them. Retired senior citizens or disabled individuals have been hired as Walmart greeters in the past.[1]

Many Walmart stores have reassigned greeters from the front door to high traffic areas of the store, leading some to believe that the employees are being phased out. Walmart has denied that will happen, stating the that the change is designed to improve customer service.[2]


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Education High school
Starting pay $7.25 per hour[3]
Median pay $11.75 per hour[4]
10 yr growth Slower than average
Related professions Customer service agent
Author Selena Robinson

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Walmart Greeter Job Overview

The average starting wage for full-time employees at Walmart is $11.75. However, most Walmart greeters work on a part-time basis, earning minimum wage. Greeters are primarily focused on the customer service aspect of the company and need a warm, friendly disposition and a willingness to work with others.[4]

Sam Walton invented the idea of the "People Greeter" in 1980. Mr. Walton's notion was that "aggressive hospitality" would be the hallmark of Walmart. In 2013, the retail chain began phasing out this position and moving greeters to other positions inside the store.[5]

Walmart Greeter Education

Walmart estimates that 50% of its U.S. employees have not earned a college degree but possess a high school diploma or an alternative. The retail giant has partnered with American Public University to allow its employees an opportunity to earn college credits relating to their regular jobs. This partnership will allow the university to offer employees a 15 percent discount on tuition costs.[4]

Qualifying for a greeter at Walmart requires providing proof of legal status for employment, undergoing series of interviews, and meeting resume stipulations.

Walmart Greeter Training

The responsibilities of a greeter used to be relegated to welcoming customers as they enter, but as the position has eveolved, greeters are now being used to do other jobs. These additional responsibilities include cleaning and prepping carts, helping in the merchandise return department, directing customers through "high traffic" areas, and providing customer service support.

Greeters may be sometimes be assigned to clean restrooms or assist in any short-handed department. At times, they work with security departments to identify suspicious customers.[6][3]

Walmart Veteran Jobs

Walmart hiring program for veterans

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