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A water slide tester is responsible for visiting water parks owned by his or her employer and trying out new water slides. Depending on the company, the tester may receive a short-term contract, along with a salary and a travel allowance. In early 2013, the British company First Choice advertised an opening for its water slide tester position.[1] People from all over England applied for the job. The company eventually selected college student Seb Smith for the position in April 2013.[2]

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Education None required
Starting pay $32,000[3]
Median pay $32,000[3]
10 yr growth Slower than average
Related professions Lifeguard, swim instructor, travel writer
Author Selena Robinson

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Water Slide Tester Job Overview

A water slide tester is asked to travel to international water park locations and test out water slides by sliding down them and rating the overall experience. First Choice's water slide tester is asked to rate the slides according to the "biggest splash" and the "adrenaline factor" and then share those opinions on social media.[4]

Since the tester is being asked to rate the water slides' performance, he or she may have to ride the slides several times in order to fully experience them and provide a rating. He or she may also be asked to watch for potential safety concerns and then include them in a report to the company.[5] The job requires extensive traveling to international destinations. Applicants for the First Choice water slide tester job are asked to travel to such countries as Turkey and Egypt.[6]

Water Slide Tester Jobs

First Choice advertises for an official water slide tester

Water Slide Tester Education

There is no special education required to become a water slide tester, since the employee only has to try water slides and give his or her opinion of their "splash factor". But, since the position requires extensive travel, some companies may prefer to hire individuals who are enrolled in college, since they may have the flexible schedule and the freedom to travel as needed. Companies who hire water slide testers may also prefer to hire those who are legal adults, since they can travel without needing adult supervision.[2]

In order to try out for the First Choice position, applicants are required to be between the ages of 18 and 30. They must also upload a video to the corporate website, describing why they would be a perfect candidate for the job.[7]

Water Slide Tester Training

Since the job of water slide tester does not call for special education, all of the training is done on the job. First Choice, the first company to advertise for water slide testers, wants its tester to report on the experience of each slide using social media. This means that the employee must learn how to use common social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The water slide tester must also be comfortable wearing swimsuits and spending a great deal of time in the sun.[8]

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