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Having passion and drive to learn acting helps one to become an actress. Most actresses compete to locate constant work, and few achieve Hollywood stardom. Some work as extras, actresses who perform on screen with no lines to say. Some do narrative work for animated features, audiobooks, or other electronic communications. In some stage or film productions, actresses sing or dance. For some roles, an actress must learn a unique skill such as staged fighting or horse back riding.[1] Actresses face intense competition for jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, job growth for actresses is at 4 percent, which is slower than average.[2]

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Education Some college, No degree [2]
Starting pay $8.92 per hour [3]
Median pay $20.26 per hour [3]
10 yr growth Slower than average [2]
Related professions Stage actor, producer, director
Author Tammy Feeney

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Actress Job Overview

Actresses portray characters and express ideas in television, film, film, theater, and other performing arts media. Many perform at theme parks or for other live events. They portray an author’s script to inform or entertain an audience. Actresses typically perform the following tasks:

  • Meet with agents and other professionals, as well as, read scripts before acquiring a part
  • Audition in front of producers and directors
  • Examine their character’s circumstances and personal traits so they can effectively depict them to an audience
  • Rehearse and memorize their part with other actors
  • Improve the overall performance of the show by discussing their role with other actors and the director
  • Perform the role, following the director's directions[1]

Actress Education

It is extremely beneficial for an actress to attend an informal acting program, although it is not a requirement to act. When selecting an acting school to attend, be aware of the quality and notoriety of the school and its faculty, as well as, which other famous actresses and actors have attended these courses, as well as what they offer in terms of preparing an actress for the real life acting world. [4]

Finding an Acting Agent

Talent agents are professionals who have an inside edge on the television, film and theater industry. They serve as the go-betweens for casting directors and the actress. Franchised, licensed agents cannot ask for any fees or payment other than their commission on your work. Acting agents tend to focus on specific genres, regions, and mediums, so actresses should look for agents who specialize in their preferred genre.[5]

Acting Gigs

A typical workday for an actor

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