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Becoming an Avon representative involves learning the company's extensive product line, understanding how to market it effectively, and demonstrating the products to customers. Successful Avon representatives also build large client bases, networking with local women who are interested in buying makeup and beauty products. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that the demand for product demonstrators and promoters, such as Avon representatives, will increase by nearly 16,000 positions by the year 2020.[1]

Wikimedia Commons: Avon Products, Inc.
Education No formal education required
Starting pay N/A
Median pay 50 percent commission, plus bonuses
10 yr growth Average: 18%[1]
Related professions Makeup artist, cosmetologist, sales agent
Author Selena Robinson

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Avon Representative Job Overview

Avon representatives sell Avon products to customers in their area. They may do so by holding product demonstrations for friends and family or by distributing brochures in their local neighborhoods. As a representative sells more products, her commission percentage goes up, eventually reaching up to 50 percent on each sale. Prolific representatives may be able to recruit new representatives to join their team, which gives them a percentage of each sale generated by their team members. Extremely successful Avon representatives may be awarded with valuable prizes by the company, such as vacations or automobiles.[2]

Avon Representative Application Process

To apply to become an Avon representative, a person must visit the company website and enter several items of personal information, including her full name, address, contact number, email address, and referring representative (if applicable). As part of the application process, prospective representatives must agree to the company's terms and conditions, which govern the sales practices of all sales agents.[3]

Avon Representative Education

The Avon company does not require that it representatives complete a college degree or even a high school diploma. However, all representatives who apply to work for the company must be at least 18 years of age. Avon representatives are required to learn the terms and conditions that apply to use of the company website, name, and image, as well as the code of conduct for representatives as they market Avon products. Avon states that the company has the right to terminate any representative that misuses the brand or conducts herself in a manner that is out of compliance with the terms.[4]

Avon Representative Training

After becoming an Avon representative, a person receives extensive training and support from other experienced sales reps. This assistance is generally offered by a team leader who lives nearby. Team leaders are Avon representatives who have teams of sales representatives that work under them. They are experienced in recruiting and training new representatives on the basics of sales, marketing, and customer service. New Avon representatives also receive access to online Avon sales training courses that help them establish their own business right away.[4]

Beginning as an Avon Representative

How to get started selling Avon products

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