How to Become an Online Social Community Manager

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To become an online social community manager, a person must have a background in marketing and social media. Online social community managers work with online communities such as forums, where they initiate conversation, create events, and answer user questions. Social community managers often work along with other internet professionals, including computer engineers and web developers.

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Education Bachelor's degree[1]
Starting pay Varies
Median pay Varies
10 yr growth Average: 14%[1]
Related professions Computer software engineer
Author Selena Robinson

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Online Social Community Manager Job Overview

The job of a social media community manager is to serve as an intermediary between the company and its user base. Social community managers are responsible for creating an atmosphere of "community" among users, while answering their questions, forwarding complaints, keeping the peace between users, and promoting company products. Since they serve as ambassadors for the company, community managers should be familiar with most, if not all, aspects of the company: products, technical support, features, and staff responsibilities.[2]

Online Social Community Manager Job Skills

Since community managers are asked to help online users navigate their online experience within the community, they need several important skills. Customer service is one of the most important skills for a community manager. He or she may need to defuse a frustrated user or mediate a disagreement between users in the community. Doing so may require patience, understanding, and a willingness to listen to complaints. On occasion, community managers may have to take drastic actions such as removing user privileges or banning users.[3]

Online Social Community Manager Education

The education requirements for becoming an online social community manager may vary, depending on the company. Some websites may be willing to hire managers who only have a high school diploma. However, since community management only involves some knowledge of sales and marketing, many companies prefer to hire individuals who have a degree in advertising, marketing, or communication.[4]

Online Social Community Manager Training

Since the job of a social community manager is done almost entirely within the environment created by the company, new managers must receive extensive on-the-job training to learn how to navigate the unique social community in which they work. They must also learn how to use major social media networks efficiently, including Facebook, Twitter, and G+. Community managers must also learn how to engage their users with regular and sporadic features, events, and "meetings". These regular interactions help members develop a rapport with managers, which serves as a good advertisement for the community as a whole.[5]

Social Community Management Tips

Tips for managing a social media community

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